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Francesco Colucci

Dr Francesco Colucci
Tel: +44 (0)1223 763889
E-mail: fc287@medschl.cam.ac.uk

Brief CV

  • MD and Medical Board Certificate (1991), University of Bari, Italy
  • PhD (1997) in Cell and Molecular Biology, University of Umeå, Sweden
  • Post-doctoral training (1997-2000), Necker University Hospital, Paris, France
  • Chargé de Recherche (2000-2004), Pasteur Institute, Paris,
  • Group Leader (2004-2010), Babraham Institute, Cambridge, UK
  • Co-founder of Dando, Weiss & Colucci Limited (since 2005), a management company that facilitates biomedical research
  • Senior Lecturer, University of Cambridge Clinical School, Cambridge, UK (since 2010)
  • Fellow, King’s College, Cambridge, UK (since 2010)
  • University Reader, University of Cambridge Clinical School, Cambridge, UK (since October 2011)

Current Research Interests

  • Immune cells at the fetal-maternal interface
  • Control of tumor growth by immunity
  • Cell transplantation

Key Publications

Kieckbusch J, Gaynor LM, Moffett A, Colucci F
MHC-dependent inhibition of uterine NK cells impedes fetal growth and decidual vascular remodelling
Nat Comm (2014); in press

Moffett A, Colucci F
Uterine Natural Killer cells: Active Regulators at the Maternal-Fetal Interface
J Clin Invest (2014); in press

Colucci F, Boulenouar S, Kieckbusch J, Moffett A.
How does variability of immune system genes affect placentation?
Placenta (2011); Aug;32(8):539-45. Epub 2011 Jun 12.

Madeja M , Yadi H , Richard Apps R, Boulenouar S, Roper S, Gardner L, Moffett M, Colucci F* , Hemberger M*
Paternal MHC expression on mouse trophoblast affects uterine vascularization and fetal growth
PNAS (2011);Mar 8;108(10):4012-7. Epub 2011 Feb 7.
*these authors contributed equally

Li P, Burke S, Wang J, Chen X, Ortiz M, Lee S, Lu D, Campos L, Goulding D, Ling Ng B, Dougan G, Huntly B, Gottgens B, Jenkins NA, Copeland NG, Colucci F, Liu P
Reprogramming of T Cells to Natural Killer–Like Cells upon Bcl11b Deletion
Science (2010); DOI: 10.1126/science.1188063

Colucci F, Cilio CM
Taming killer cells may halt diabetes progression
Nat Immunol (2010); 11:111-2

Lakshmikanth T, Burke S, Ali TH, Kimpfler S, Ursini F, Ruggeri L, Capanni M, Umansky V, Paschen A, Sucker A, Pende D, Groh V, Biassoni R, Höglund P, Kato M, Shibuya K, Schadendorf D, Anichini A, Ferrone S, Velardi A, Kärre K, Shibuya A, Carbone E, Colucci F
NCRs and DNAM-1 mediate NK cell recognition and lysis of human and mouse melanoma cell lines in vitro and in vivo
J Clin Invest (2009); 119:1251-63

Saudemont A, Garçon F, Yadi H, Roche-Molina M, Segonds-Pichon A, Martín-Fontecha A, Okkenhaug K, Colucci F
The p110gamma and p110delta isoforms of phosphoinositide 3-kinase differentially regulate natural killer cell migration in health and disease
PNAS (2009); 106:5795-800

Yadi H, Burke S, Madeja Z, Moffett A, Colucci F.
Unique receptor repertoire in mouse uterine NK cells
J Immunol (2008); 181:6140-7

Kim N, A Saudemont, L Webb, M Camps, T Ruckle, E Hirsch, M Turner, F Colucci
The p110delta catalytic isoform of PI3K is a key player in NK-cell development and cytokine secretion
Blood (2007); 110:3202-3208

Colucci F
Unexpected partnership between IL-15 and DAP-10
Nat Immunol (2007); 8:1289-1291

Caraux, A, N Kim, SE Bell, S Zompi, T Ranson, S Lesjean-Pottier, ME Garcia-Ojeda, M Turner, F Colucci
Phospholipase C-gamma2 is essential for NK cell cytotoxicity and innate immunity to malignant and virally infected cells
Blood (2006); 107:994-1002

Colucci F, MA Caligiuri, JP Di Santo
What does it take to make a natural killer?
Nat Rev Immunol (2003); 3:413-425

Zompi S, JA Hamerman, K Ogasawara, E Schweighoffer, VL Tybulewicz, JP Di Santo, LL Lanier, F Colucci
NKG2D triggers cytotoxicity in mouse NK cells lacking DAP12 or Syk family kinases
Nat Immunol (2003); 4:565-572

Colucci F, JP Di Santo, PJ Leibson
Natural killer cell activation in mice and men: different triggers for similar weapons?
Nat Immunol (2002); 3:807-813

Colucci F, E Schweighoffer, E Tomasello, M Turner, JR Ortaldo, E Vivier, VL Tybulewicz, JP Di Santo
Natural cytotoxicity uncoupled from the Syk and ZAP-70 intracellular kinases
Nat Immunol (2002); 3:288-294

Colucci F, ML Bergman, C Penha-Goncalves, CM Cilio, D Holmberg
Apoptosis resistance of nonobese diabetic peripheral lymphocytes linked to the Idd5 diabetes susceptibility region
PNAS (1997); 94:8670-8674