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Publications from past and present departmental members.

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Colucci F, Boulenouar S, Kieckbusch J, Moffett A.
How does variability of immune system genes affect placentation?
Placenta (2011); Aug;32(8):539-45. Epub 2011 Jun 12.

Madeja M , Yadi H , Richard Apps R, Boulenouar S, Roper S, Gardner L, Moffett M, Colucci F* , Hemberger M*
Paternal MHC expression on mouse trophoblast affects uterine vascularization and fetal growth
PNAS (2011);Mar 8;108(10):4012-7. Epub 2011 Feb 7.

Hastie CE, Smith GCS, MacKay D, Pell JP (2011).
Association between preterm delivery and subsequent C-reactive protein: a retrospective cohort study.
Am J Obstet Gynecol 2011, In press.

Kerr-Wilson CO, Mackay DF, Smith GCS, Pell JP (2011).
Meta-analysis of the association between preterm delivery and intelligence.
J Public Health 2011; Mar 9. PubMed Abstract

Vicki Flenady V, Laura Koopmans, Middleton P, FrÝen JF, Smith GCS, Gibbons K, Coory M, Gordon A, Ellwood A, McIntyre HD, Fretts R, Ezzati M (2011).
Major risk factors for stillbirth in high-income countries: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Lancet 2011;377:1331-1340.PubMed Abstract

Hastie CE, Smith GC, Mackay DF, Pell JP (2011).
Maternal risk of ischaemic heart disease following elective and spontaneous pre-term delivery: retrospective cohort study of 750 350 singleton pregnancies.
Int J Epidemiol. 2011 Jan 28. PubMed Abstract

Kempster SL, Belteki G, Forhead AJ, Fowden AL, Catalano R, Lam BY, McFarlane I, Charnock-Jones DS, Smith GCS (2011).
Developmental control of the Nlrp6 inflammasome and a substrate, IL-18, in mammalian intestine.
American Journal of Physiology (Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology) 2011;300:G253-G263.PubMed Abstract

Smith GCS, Wood AM, Pell JP, Hattie J (2011).
Recurrent miscarriage is associated with a family history of ischaemic heart disease: a retrospective cohort study.
BJOG 2011;118:557-63.PubMed Abstract

Kempster SL, Belteki G, Forhead AJ, Fowden AL, Catalano RD, Lam BY, McFarlane I, Charnock-Jones DS*, Smith GC* (2011).
Developmental control of the Nlrp6 inflammasome and a substrate, IL-18, in mammalian intestine.
Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol 2011; 300: G253-263. 21088234 PubMed Abstract

Cindrova-Davies T, Sanders DA, Burton GJ*, Charnock-Jones DS* (2011)
Soluble FLT1 sensitizes endothelial cells to inflammatory cytokines by antagonizing VEGF receptor-mediated signalling.
Cardiovascular Research 89: 671-679. 21139021.PubMed Abstract

Affara M, Dunmore BJ, Sanders DA, Johnson N, Print CG*, Charnock-Jones DS*. (2011)
MMP1 bimodal expression and differential response to inflammatory mediators is linked to promoter polymorphisms.
BMC Genomics 2011; 12: 43. PubMed Abstract


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Cordeaux Y, Pasupathy D, Charnock-Jones DS, Smith GCS (2010).
Effects of progestogen on gene expression in myometrial explants from pregnant women.
Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism 2010;95:E437-47.

Mackay DF, Smith GCS, Dobbie R, Pell J (2010).
Gestational age at delivery and special educational need: Retrospective cohort study of 407,503 schoolchildren.
PLoS Medicine 2010;7:e1000289.

Beale TM, Myers RM, Shearman JW, Charnock-Jones DS, Brenton JD, Gergely FV, Ley SV (2010).
Antivascular and anticancer activity of dihalogenated A-ring analogues of combretastatin A-4.
Med Chem, Commun. 1;202-208. PubMed Abstract

Belteki, G., Kempster, S. L., Forhead, A. J., Giussani, D. A., Fowden, A. L., Curley, A., Charnock-Jones, D. S.* & Smith, G. C.* (2010)
Paraoxonase-3, a Putative Circulating Antioxidant, Is Systemically Up-Regulated in Late Gestation in the Fetal Rat, Sheep, and Human,
J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 95:3798-3805PubMed Abstract

Burke, S., Lakshmikanth, T., Colucci, F. & Carbone, E. (2010)
New views on natural killer cell-based immunotherapy for melanoma treatment,
Trends Immunol. 31, 339-45.PubMed Abstract

Burton, G. J., Jauniaux, E. & Charnock-Jones, D. S. (2010) The influence of the intrauterine environment on human placental development, Int J Dev Biol. 54, 303-12.PubMed Abstract

Coan, P. M., Vaughan, O. R., Sekita, Y., Finn, S. L., Burton, G. J., Constancia, M. & Fowden, A. L. (2010)
Adaptations in placental phenotype support fetal growth during undernutrition of pregnant mice,
J Physiol. 588, 527-38.PubMed Abstract

Colucci, F. & Cilio, C. M. (2010)
Taming killer cells may halt diabetes progression,
Nat Immunol. 11, 111-2.PubMed Abstract

Cooper, W. N. & Constancia, M. (2010)
How genome-wide approaches can be used to unravel the remaining secrets of the imprintome,
Brief Funct Genomics. 9, 315-28.PubMed Abstract

Cordeaux, Y., Tattersall, M., Charnock-Jones, D. S.* & Smith, G. C.* (2010)
Effects of Medroxyprogesterone Acetate on Gene Expression in Myometrial Explants from Pregnant Women, J Clin Endocrinol Metab. [Epub ahead of print]. Croy, B. A., Zhang, J., Tayade, C., Colucci, F., Yadi, H. & Yamada, A. T. (2010) Analysis of uterine natural killer cells in mice,
Methods Mol Biol. 612, 465-503.PubMed Abstract

Dilworth, M. R., Kusinski, L. C., Cowley, E., Ward, B. S., Husain, S. M., Constancia, M., Sibley, C. P. & Glazier, J. D. (2010)
Placental-specific Igf2 knockout mice exhibit hypocalcemia and adaptive changes in placental calcium transport,
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 107, 3894-9.PubMed Abstract

Fowden AL, Coan PM, Angiolini E, Burton GJ, Constancia M. (2010).
Imprinted genes and the epigenetic regulation of placental phenotype.
Prog Biophys Mol Biol. 2010 Nov 23. [Epub ahead of print]PubMed Abstract

Hochberg Z, Feil R, Constancia M, Fraga M, Junien C, Carel JC, Boileau P, Le Bouc Y, Deal CL, Lillycrop K, Scharfmann R, Sheppard A, Skinner M, Szyf M, Waterland RA, Waxman DJ, Whitelaw E, Ong K, Albertsson-Wikland K. (2010)
Child Health, Developmental Plasticity, and Epigenetic Programming.
Endocr Rev. 2010 Oct 22. [Epub ahead of print]PubMed Abstract

Kempster SL, Belteki G, Forhead AJ, Fowden AL, Catalano RD, Lam BY, McFarlane I, Charnock-Jones DS, Smith GCS (2010)
Developmental control of the Nlrp6 inflammasome and a substrate, IL-18, in mammalian intestine.
Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol [in press]PubMed Abstract

Lash GE, Burton GJ, Chamley LW, Clifton VL, Constancia M, Crocker IP, Dantzer V, Desoye G, Drewlo S, Hemmings DG, Hiendleder S, Kalionis B, Keelan JA, Kudo Y, Lewis RM, Manuelpillai U, Murthi P, Natale D, Pfarrer C, Robertson S, Saffery R, Saito S, Sferruzzi-Perri A, Sobrevia L, Waddell BJ, Roberts CT (2010)
IFPA Meeting 2009 workshops report.
Placenta. Mar;31 Suppl:S4-20. Epub 2010 Jan 12PubMed Abstract

Li, P., Burke, S., Wang, J., Chen, X., Ortiz, M., Lee, S. C., Lu, D., Campos, L., Goulding, D., Ng, B. L., Dougan, G., Huntly, B., Gottgens, B., Jenkins, N. A., Copeland, N. G., Colucci, F. & Liu, P. (2010)
Reprogramming of T cells to natural killer-like cells upon Bcl11b deletion,
Science. 329, 85-9.PubMed Abstract

MacKay, D. F., Smith, G. C., Dobbie, R. & Pell, J. P. (2010)
Gestational age at delivery and special educational need: retrospective cohort study of 407,503 schoolchildren,
PLoS Med. 7, e1000289.PubMed Abstract

Moberg, C., Catalano, R. D., Charnock-Jones, D. S. & Olovsson, M. (2010)
VEGF-A and Serum Withdrawal Induced Changes in the Transcript Profile in Human Endometrial Endothelial Cells,
Reprod Sci. 17(6):590-611.PubMed Abstract

Mokhtar, N. M., Cheng, C. W., Cook, E., Bielby, H., Smith, S. K. & Charnock-Jones, D. S. (2010)
Progestin regulates chemokine (C-X-C motif) ligand 14 transcript level in human endometrium,
Mol Hum Reprod. 16, 170-7.PubMed Abstract

Pasupathy, D., Wood, A. M., Pell, J. P., Fleming, M. & Smith, G. C. (2010)
Time of birth and risk of neonatal death at term: retrospective cohort study,
BMJ. 341, c3498.PubMed Abstract

Petry, C. J., Evans, M. L., Wingate, D. L., Ong, K. K., Reik, W., Constancia, M. & Dunger, D. B. (2010)
Raised late pregnancy glucose concentrations in mice carrying pups with targeted disruption of H19delta13,
Diabetes. 59, 282-6.PubMed Abstract

Saudemont, A., Burke, S. & Colucci, F. (2010)
A simple method to measure NK cell cytotoxicity in vivo,
Methods Mol Biol. 612, 325-34.PubMed Abstract

Smith, G. C. (2010)
First-trimester determination of complications of late pregnancy,
Jama. 303, 561-2.PubMed Abstract

Smith, G. C., Wood, A. M., White, I. R., Pell, J. P. & Hattie, J. (2010)
Birth weight and the risk of cardiovascular disease in the maternal grandparents,
Am J Epidemiol. 171, 736-44.PubMed Abstract

Smith, G. C. (2010)
Predicting antepartum stillbirth,
Clin Obstet Gynecol. 53, 597-606.PubMed Abstract

Tamada, Y., Imoto, S., Araki, H., Nagasaki, M., Print, C., Charnock-Jones, D. S. & Miyano, S. (2010)
Estimating Genome-wide Gene Networks Using Nonparametric Bayesian Network Models on Massively Parallel Computers,
IEEE/ACM Trans Comput Biol Bioinform.PubMed Abstract

Yamaji, M., Bielby, H., Licence, D., Cheng, C. W., Cook, E., Smith, S. K., Print, C. G. & Charnock-Jones, D. S. (2010)
VEGF-A loss in the haematopoietic and endothelial lineages exacerbates age-induced renal changes, Microvasc Res.[Epub ahead of print]PubMed Abstract


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Araki, H., Tamada, Y., Imoto, S., Dunmore, B., Sanders, D., Humphrey, S., Nagasaki, M., Doi, A., Nakanishi, Y., Yasuda, K., Tomiyasu, Y., Tashiro, K., Print, C., Charnock-Jones, D. S., Kuhara, S. & Miyano, S. (2009)
Analysis of PPARalpha-dependent and PPARalpha-independent transcript regulation following fenofibrate treatment of human endothelial cells.
Angiogenesis [epub ahead of print] PubMed Abstract

Belteki, G. & Smith, G. C. (2009)
Single versus multiple antenatal steroids in threatened preterm delivery: more benefit or harm?.
Arch Dis Child Fetal Neonatal Ed. 94, F5-7. PubMed Abstract

Burton, G. J., Charnock-Jones, D. S. & Jauniaux, E. (2009)
Regulation of vascular growth and function in human placenta
Reproduction [epub ahead of print] PubMed Abstract

Burton, G. J., Yung, H. W., Cindrova-Davies, T. & Charnock-Jones, D. S. (2009)
Placental endoplasmic reticulum stress and oxidative stress in the pathophysiology of unexplained intrauterine growth restriction and early onset preeclampsia
Placenta. 30 Suppl A, S43-8. PubMed Abstract

Cordeaux, Y., Pasupathy, D., Bacon, J., Charnock-Jones, D. S. & Smith, G. C. (2009)
Characterization of serotonin receptors in pregnant human myometrium.
J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 328, 682-91. PubMed Abstract

Fowden, A. L., Sferruzzi-Perri, A. N., Coan, P. M., Constancia, M. & Burton, G. J. (2009)
Placental efficiency and adaptation: endocrine regulation.
J Physiol. 587, 3459-72. PubMed Abstract

Froen, J. F., Pinar, H., Flenady, V., Bahrin, S., Charles, A., Chauke, L., Day, K., Duke, C. W., Facchinetti, F., Fretts, R. C., Gardener, G., Gilshenan, K., Gordijn, S. J., Gordon, A., Guyon, G., Harrison, C., Koshy, R., Pattinson, R. C., Petersson, K., Russell, L., Saastad, E., Smith, G. C. & Torabi, R. (2009)
Causes of death and associated conditions (Codac): a utilitarian approach to the classification of perinatal deaths.
BMC Pregnancy Childbirth. 9, 22. PubMed Abstract

Ghosh, D., Sharkey, A. M., Charnock-Jones, D. S., Smith, S. K. & Sengupta, J. (2009)
Effect of low-dose mifepristone administration on day 2 after ovulation on transcript profiles in implantation-stage endometrium of rhesus monkeys.
Reproduction. 138, 357-70. PubMed Abstract

Pasupathy, D., Wood, A. M., Pell, J. P., Fleming, M. & Smith, G. C. (2009)
Rates of and factors associated with delivery-related perinatal death among term infants in Scotland.
JAMA. 302, 660-8. PubMed Abstract

Pasupathy, D., Wood, A. M., Pell, J. P., Fleming, M. & Smith, G. C. (2009)
Time trend in the risk of delivery-related perinatal and neonatal death associated with breech presentation at term.
Int J Epidemiol. 38, 490-8. PubMed Abstract

Smith, G. & Wear, H. (2009)
The perinatal implications of angiogenic factors.
Current Opinion in Obstetrics and Gynecology. 21, 111-116. Journal

Tamada, Y., Araki, H., Imoto, S., Nagasaki, M., Doi, A., Nakanishi, Y., Tomiyasu, Y., Yasuda, K., Dunmore, B., Sanders, D., Humphreys, S., Print, C., Charnock-Jones, D. S., Tashiro, K., Kuhara, S. & Miyano, S. (2009)
Unraveling dynamic activities of autocrine pathways that control drug-response transcriptome networks.
Pac Symp Biocomput, 251-63. PubMed Abstract

Turner, R. M., Spiegelhalter, D. J., Smith, G. C. & Thompson, S. G. (2009)
Bias modelling in evidence synthesis.
J R Stat Soc Ser A Stat Soc. 172, 21-47. PubMed Abstract


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Breeze AC, Gallagher FA, Lomas DJ, Smith GC, Lees CC. (2008)
Postmortem fetal organ volumetry using magnetic resonance imaging and comparison to organ weights at conventional autopsy.
Ultrasound Obstet Gynecol 2008; 31:187-193. PubMed Abstract

Bukowski R, Uchida T, Smith GC, et al. (2008)
Individualized norms of optimal fetal growth: fetal growth potential.
Obstet Gynecol 2008; 111:1065-76. PubMed Abstract

Celik E, To M, Gajewska K, Smith GC, Nicolaides KH. (2008)
Cervical length and obstetric history predict spontaneous preterm birth: development and validation of a model to provide individualized risk assessment.
Ultrasound Obstet Gynecol 2008; 31:549-54. PubMed Abstract

Cheng, C. W., Smith, S. K. & Charnock-Jones, D. S. (2008)
Transcript profile and localization of Wnt signaling-related molecules in human endometrium,
Fertil Steril. PMID: 17889861

Cheng CW, Yeh JC, Fan TP, Smith SK, Charnock-Jones DS. (2008)
Wnt5a-mediated non-canonical Wnt signalling regulates human endothelial cell proliferation and migration.
Biochem Biophys Res Commun 2008; 365:285-90. PubMed Abstract

Coan, P. M., Angiolini, E., Sandovici, I., Burton, G. J., Constancia, M. & Fowden, A. L. (2008)
Adaptations in placental nutrient transfer capacity to meet fetal growth demands depend on placental size in mice.
J Physiol. 586, 4567-76.

Coan, P. M., Fowden, A. L., Constancia, M., Ferguson-Smith, A. C., Burton, G. J. & Sibley, C. P. (2008)
Disproportional effects of Igf2 knockout on placental morphology and diffusional exchange characteristics in the mouse.
J Physiol. 586, 5023-32.

Cordeaux Y, Missfelder-Lobos H, Charnock-Jones DS, Smith GC. (2008)
Stimulation of Contractions in Human Myometrium by Serotonin is Unmasked by Smooth Muscle Relaxants.
Reprod Sci 2008. PLoS Medicine

Hirose O, Yoshida R, Imoto S, et al. (2008)
Statistical inference of transcriptional module-based gene networks from time course gene expression profiles by using state space models.
Bioinformatics 2008; 24:932-42. PubMed Abstract

Holmes K, Charnock Jones SD, Forhead AJ, et al. (2008)
Localization and Control of Expression of VEGF-A and the VEGFR-2 Receptor in Fetal Sheep Intestines.
Pediatr Res 2008; 63:143-8. PubMed Abstract

Hull, M. L., Escareno, C. R., Godsland, J. M., Doig, J. R., Johnson, C. M., Phillips, S. C., Smith, S. K., Tavare, S., Print, C. G. & Charnock-Jones, D. S. (2008)
Endometrial-peritoneal interactions during endometriotic lesion establishment.
Am J Pathol. 173, 700-15.

Pasupathy D, Smith GC. (2008)
Neonatal outcomes with caesarean delivery at term.
Arch Dis Child Fetal Neonatal Ed 2008; 93:F174-5. PubMed Abstract

Pasupathy, D., Dacey, A., Cook, E., Charnock-Jones, D. S., White, I. R. & Smith, G. C. (2008)
Study protocol. A prospective cohort study of unselected primiparous women: the pregnancy outcome prediction study.
BMC Pregnancy Childbirth. 8, 51.

Smith GC, Celik E, To M, Khouri O, Nicolaides KH. (2008)
Cervical length at mid-pregnancy and the risk of primary cesarean delivery.
N Engl J Med 2008; 358:1346-53. PubMed Abstract

Smith GC, Cordeaux Y, White IR, Pasupathy, D., Missfelder-Lobos, H., Pell, J. P., Charnock-Jones, D. S. & Fleming, M. (2008)et al.
The Effect of Delaying Childbirth on Primary Cesarean Section Rates.
PLoS Med 2008; 5:e144. PubMed Abstract

Smith, G. C. & Wood, A. (2008)
Previous caesarean and the risk of antepartum stillbirth.
Bjog. 115, 1458; author reply 1458-9.

Yung HW, Calabrese S, Hynx D, Hemmings BA, Cetin I, Charnock-Jones DS*, Burton GJ*. (2008)
Evidence of Placental Translation Inhibition and Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress in the Etiology of Human Intrauterine Growth Restriction.
Am J Pathol 2008. PubMed Abstract

* denotes joint Senior Author